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      Just as a bridge can connect you to a place you want to go, your local, independent agent representing The Cincinnati Insurance Company can connect you to coverage beyond your standard Cincinnati property policy, building your insurance protection and maximizing the value of your insurance program.

      The Bridge Endorsement is automatically added to all Cincinnati specialty insurance programs for no additional charge in most states*. This convenient bundle of 17 unique coverages is also available to add coverage to your Cincinnati commercial property insurance for a charge. Coverage highlights include:

      If a civil authority requires you to shut down, cancel or reschedule a planned fundraising event or business conference, you are reimbursed for your related expenses such as holding deposits, equipment rentals or travel costs.

      If company directors or officers must alter their business travel plans, they are reimbursed for nonrefundable or extra costs in the event of:

      • accidental injury to the director or officer during business travel
      • emergency travel due to a certified act of terrorism, kidnapping or political unrest evacuation
      • travel delays due to cancellation of regularly scheduled business travel on a commercial carrier

      If you incur costs that arise following a covered event, such as fire or theft, you have coverage for:

      • image restoration and counseling expenses to hire professional image restoration professionals
      • legal and psychological counsel for you, any of your partners, directors, officers and employees
      • key-individual replacement expenses
      • rental of a temporary meeting space after direct physical loss to climate control systems or hot water heater of the primary office space
      • reimbursement for failed donations in the event a donor is unable to honor a pledge due to bankruptcy, reorganization, incapacitation or unemployment
      • workplace violence counseling expenses for employees and their spouse, parents and children as well as any other person who directly witnessed the incident

      If you have made improvements to your leased office space and there is a covered loss to the property, you receive reimbursement for the unamortized value of any improvements that you cannot legally remove if you are forced to abandon that office.

      If your business credit card is used for unauthorized activity, we will pay for charges and costs due to that unauthorized use.

      If you have an insurance claim on your Cincinnati business policy, you won’t be denied due to unintentional errors in the description of the occupancy or address of a covered property on your policy.


      *Coverage is available for a charge with specialty programs in New York, Washington and Virginia, and with all our standard commercial property policies. Coverages feature descriptions are presented as highlights only. The coverage provided is determined by the terms and conditions of your policy as well as the endorsement, which may vary by state.

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